News | November 23, 2016

US Fleet Tracking Provides Tips For Pulling Up GPS Tracking Reports

US Fleet Tracking explains which option for obtaining GPS tracking reports is best depending on fleet needs.

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) - There are a multitude of helpful reports that GPS tracking has to offer in order to make a fleet work more effectively on a daily basis. The automation part is unbeatable as drivers travel throughout the day simply allowing the GPS tracking units to record data such as driver speeds, idling times, start times, stop times, and more.

While management can always opt to view everything happening in the field on any given day in real-time via the live streaming map, there may be a need to retrieve this helpful data later. When this information is needed it can be easily generated into a populated report. There are two different ways to go about doing this and today, US Fleet Tracking is going to give some tips for viewing them both ways.

1.) Viewing GPS Tracking Reports Online: This option isn’t going to work best for everything. Making the choice to pull up reports online is the best choice if the information to gather is less cumbersome. With a smaller fleet or one that wasn’t very active for the day snagging data online won’t take very long to pull up. The speed of the computer is also a factor to consider as to whether or not online viewing would be the optimal choice. For example, a report for one vehicle could easily be more than 20 pages long. If that one report goes beyond 30 pages it may take longer to pull up in the system. To generate data like this for every fleet vehicle on the team it may not fare well. Opt to view simple reports online for best results.

2.) Viewing GPS tracking Reports Via Downloading: This method works best when the data is going to be more bulky. For example, to see historical playback data from 90 days back this type of data is best pulled into a report that will be downloaded as the attempt to view that much information online may bog down the computer. Downloading reports is a good idea when they’re needed for the entire fleet, too. Furthermore, the benefit to downloading this type of data rather than viewing it online is the ease of saving the spreadsheet of information for printing it off later if need be.

The main thing to keep in mind when deciding between "View Online" or the "Request Download" option is the size of the report. If you have more questions about your GPS tracking reports, US Fleet Tracking’s staff is prepared to help.

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