News | November 20, 2023

TruckLogics Announces New AI Fleet Intelligence Feature, Empowering Fleets With Timely And Accurate Automated Daily Reporting

TruckLogics, a specialized fleet management software in the trucking space, has announced the rollout of its new AI-based fleet intelligence and reporting functionality. This feature is designed to deliver a detailed report containing a business overview, along with any new developments for the day, directly to fleet personnel inboxes every morning.

The automated report will consist of summaries of each main aspect of the client's business as recorded by TruckLogics; projected and past income and expenses, upcoming dispatches, vehicle status, pending settlements, and more. Clients will be able to view the report, share it, and log in to their TruckLogics account for a more in-depth look at their business operations, all from the daily email.

TruckLogics serves a wide market that includes trucking companies, fleet managers, and independent drivers.

The feature will be included in all TruckLogics account subscriptions at no additional cost, and will provide the following benefits:

  • Timely and accurate information regarding the client's business
  • Improved efficiency, with all essential information consolidated into one email
  • More informed decision-making; spot trends and patterns in business operations

In an increasingly competitive transportation industry where "90% of new small trucking companies are unable to succeed due to common mistakes made by inexperienced business owners," it is more important than ever for fleet managers and Owner Operators to have a clear understanding of their business and to constantly be optimizing their operations.

TruckLogics' new AI fleet intelligence tool will shine a light on shortcomings, allowing business owners to see exactly where they are losing money, but also highlighting opportunities to increase profit. This significantly streamlines the processes of choosing loads, planning routes, predicting maintenance, and much more.

When asked for comment regarding this exciting new feature, Agie Sundaram, the CEO and Co-founder of SPAN Enterprises (parent company of TruckLogics), responded "TruckLogics strives to provide innovative solutions that do the hard work for you, so we're proud to offer this new feature that helps you prioritize, make decisions, and optimize your business operations. Sign up for TruckLogics now to give it a try, and if any concerns arise, our locally-based support team is available to answer any questions you may have about the software."

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About TruckLogics
TruckLogics is a comprehensive Truck Management Software customized to serve the transportation industry. Imagine the ease of managing dispatches, accounting, maintenance, IFTA reporting, and much more directly from a master dashboard. TruckLogics helps hundreds of fleets and trucking companies streamline their business operations from a secure, cloud-based platform.

About SPAN Enterprises
Based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, SPAN Enterprises has been developing industry-leading software solutions for IRS e-filing and business management tools for over a decade.

The SPAN Enterprises portfolio of products includes TaxBandits, Tax990, ACAwise, ExpressExtension, 123PayStubs, and TruckLogics.

Source: TruckLogics