News | May 7, 2015

Trimble Adds Driver Safety Scorecard To FieldMaster Mobile Apps To Empower Drivers

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Launch Coincides with UN Global Road Safety Week

Trimble announced recently the addition of a Driver Safety Scorecard to Trimble FieldMaster, a suite of mobile applications that drive improved visibility and information sharing between the field and the back office to enable a more dynamic field operation. FieldMaster is a core component of Trimble’s Field Service Management integrated portfolio of solutions that includes Fleet Management, Work Management and Driver Safety. The Driver Safety Scorecard enables organizations to mitigate road risk by providing remote workers with visibility into their driving performance. This allows drivers to make immediate adjustments to their driving behavior.

The launch of the new FieldMaster Driver Safety Scorecard coincides with UN Global Road Safety Week 2015, May 4-10, a worldwide event dedicated to mitigating risk and raising awareness of safe driving. According to the latest Global Status Report on Road Safety, which was last published in 2013, more than 3,000 people worldwide are killed every day in road crashes, with 1.24 million annual deaths and 50 million serious injuries.

“Keeping employees safe while out on the road is a priority for many businesses and implementing a corporate safety program is often a critical step in that process. The launch of our new Driver Safety Scorecard means businesses can implement these initiatives by using mobile technology that helps both the driver and the business identify risky driving behavior,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division. “Trimble technology already allows fleet managers to view individual safety scorecards. Adding a scorecard to our FieldMaster mobile apps puts that intelligence in the hands of the driver. This means they can make improvements to be a safer driver while the business can mitigate risk and reduce accidents.”

The Driver Safety Scorecard provides:

  • Ratings on each driver’s driving behavior
  • Overall safety score for the last seven days
  • Each driver’s team position for the current and previous week, based on the safety score
  • The average score for the team
  • Driving behavior details

Driver safety tips
“Identifying drivers who need coaching on road safety is the first step,” said Cameron. “Providing a tool that benchmarks their driving and provides advice on how they can improve their driving offers a more sustained approach than one-time training. With this approach, drivers may be more likely to think about safety on the road each and every day.”

To coincide with the launch of the FieldMaster Driver Safety Scorecard and in recognition of UN Global Road Safety Week, Ten Tips to Safe and Efficient Driving are available for download (

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