White Paper

Trends in Field Service Management You Can't Ignore

Source: ClickSoftware
6 Tech Trends Affecting Your Field Service IT Clients

The field service industry is changing, and emerging trends are shaping the future of field service management (FSM) software. This report provides insight into the major trends impacting businesses across industries and how field service organizations are responding. It expands upon the following three key market drivers:

The Evolving Customer Experience In an increasingly connected world, where customer service is being redefined by the likes of Amazon and Uber, field service organizations need the best tools and information as they arrive at each service engagement. Expectations have never been higher. New technologies are now essential to providing high-quality customer experiences and delivering on brand promises to end customers.

The Push for Operational Efficiency In all businesses, the demand to do more with less is ever-present, and amplified by the promise of technology and the associated efficiencies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) are helping field service teams leverage data to streamline human decision-making processes and cut costs on service operations.

Increasing need for Business Agility In the face of a more competitive environment than ever, companies must adopt greater business agility to quickly respond to market dynamics and the changing needs of their customers and prospects. Change is no longer the exception but a constant part of doing business.