Article | November 20, 2019

Traditional Knowledge Management Doesn't Work For Service

Source: Aquant
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Knowledge Management Field Service

Here’s why AI-powered technology is the key to empowering service pros at every skill level 

The goals of enterprise-wide knowledge management systems (KMS) are noble. Collect and store institutional knowledge, distribute that information, enable internal learning and foster collaboration. But it also sounds a little stale and outdated, right?  Factsheets for KM tools read as if they were written by 19th-century schoolmasters whose main goal was to instill rote memorization instead of fostering critical problem-solving.

Today’s leading service organizations operate at a speed and agility that would make Victorian heads spin. Artificial intelligence systems, which mine information in real-time from varied sources, including multiple databases and technician notes, turn tribal knowledge into easily accessible information for the entire team. As the most experienced service technicians reach retirement age, this approach becomes more critical than ever in bridging the skill gap with new technicians. Compared to KMS, smart AI tools are a more cost-effective solution for professional learning that can be quickly implemented and will never go stale.