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Top 5 Field Service Power Metrics

Source: ServiceMax from GE Digital
Field Service Operations Metrics

There’s no shortage of numbers field service leaders can track. But which metrics could be most impactful to your service organization?

Field Service Digital spoke with field service experts Dave Hart and Patrice Eberline from ServiceMax to identify the top 5 field service power metrics that executives need to know. Read on to learn about each metric, how to measure them, and how improving them can boost productivity and profitability.

METRIC ONE: First-Time Fix Rate

You’re under increasing pressure from senior management to boost revenues and cut costs, while maintaining service levels to customers. But, how can you strike the right balance between what appear to be competing objectives?

The answer lies in your service organization’s first-time fix rate. When you focus on improving this metric, it’s like pulling a lever that can simultaneously increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and create new revenue by freeing up technicians to handle more jobs every day.