Case Study

thyssenkrupp Embraces Digital Transformation For A Better Future

Source: Microsoft

By Caglayan Arkan, Microsoft


Technology is evolving at breakneck speed and many manufacturers are struggling to keep pace. But for companies that fail to innovate quickly, the consequences are dire—they’re putting their survival at risk.

thyssenkrupp AG fully understands the crucial role technology plays in modern manufacturing.

That’s why six years ago, the organization began to transform its business from the inside out, starting a quest to gain greater efficiencies that would provide more customer value and differentiate the company from its competitors.

By tapping into today’s top technologies, thyssenkrupp found exactly what it was looking for: optimized processes, increased employee productivity, and improved asset reliability. Combined, these improvements have helped the organization cement its status as an industry leader.

But how did it embark on this game-changing journey? And what has it achieved along the way?