Article | January 20, 2015

Three Must-Haves In A Fleet Management Solution

Source: Trimble PULSE
fleet Management Solution

By John Cameron, General Manager, Trimble Field Service Management Division

Companies with large vehicle fleets and mobile workforces face serious demands to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs while still managing to keep customers happy. It’s a tough challenge but it’s the only way to stay competitive in today’s market. That’s why companies need a GPS fleet management solution to improve field service performance and mobile worker productivity, and boost customer satisfaction while reducing labor, fuel and other expenses.

Some fleet management providers supply individual components, while others offer end-to-end integrated platforms. Customers have no shortage of options when considering fleet management providers, but it’s important to understand the differences between the various solutions, in case you end up with a system that falls short of meeting your needs.

For starters, make sure all components are truly interoperable and the system is easily scalable so you can meet current requirements and accommodate future needs as your fleet grows and your field operations become more complex and diversified. Often, it is best to select an integrated, full-suite solution provider, rather than cherry-pick individual components that may or may not work efficiently together as your needs evolve.

To help make the right decision, here are three key considerations in selecting a fleet management Solution:

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