Guest Column | May 8, 2017

The State Of Field Service In The Connected World

Using Real World Data To Enhance Clinical Trials

By Brant Carter, Director, Strategic Marketing, Trimble

The field service landscape is, currently, a very interesting and evolving industry. However it is affected by volatility and is in a state of, technology driven, disruption. Indeed, as new and advanced technologies come to the fore, businesses need to constantly adapt, or risk getting left behind.

The cause for disruption is in the field service management supply chain, which is becoming ever more connected, from the back office to technicians out in the field. Service organizations that are able to adapt to this trend and develop unique, compelling and differentiated solutions, that connect and integrate with each other, will be well placed to gain not only improved operational efficiency but also increased customer satisfaction.

Automating field service in the world of connected things is key to operating a successful field operation. However it is not the only game changer in field service right now. It is rather a case of a few different things that we see all converging at once...