White Paper

The Role Of Analytics In Achieving Field Service Excellence

Source: Trimble PULSE

How much data a field services organization collects through fleet and workforce management technology, and how it uses the data, can set it apart from the competition. Companies that analyze and act on this data to optimize operations and service delivery often reach higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased profits.

In a recent study, Get Smart: Business Intelligence and Analytics for Service Organizations, AberdeenGroup  found that best-in-class field service organizations that adopt analytics technology see their service profits increase by 18 percent, customer retention rates by 42 percent and SLA performance by 44 percent. In other words, as companies strive to achieve or retain best-in-class status, it is imperative that they leverage analytics in their operations. Field service companies that have already attained operational excellence have a keen understanding of the importance of using data analytics when looking to enhance service, enforce real-time accountability and optimize planning.

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