Magazine Article | July 25, 2017

The Importance Of Truly Knowing Your Customers

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

Bill Pollock, president & principal consulting analyst, Strategies For Growth,

The first step in providing excellent service to customers is understanding their expectations.

The field technician’s role is extremely varied, and no one job description is likely to be able to describe or define everything he or she does. In some cases, a field technician is called on simply to be the repair person — they arrive on-site, fix the equipment, and leave without causing any undue disruption. However, in other cases, they may serve as anything from a consultant (being asked to provide advice on how to most efficiently use the equipment), to a trainer (being asked to teach the customer how to operate some of the equipment’s more advanced features), to a sales person (being asked to suggest what new types of equipment should be acquired to replace the existing model)