Article | May 15, 2018

The Four Opportunity Costs Of Not Holding Your Drivers Accountable - Pt. II

Source: GPS Insight

By Lance Holt, Content Marketing Specialist, GPS Insight

Driver Habits And Safety With Driver Safety Tool

Pt. I explored the opportunity costs of not holding your drivers accountable with GPS tracking systems in terms of wasted time tracking down drivers, as well as high labor costs. Pt. II will explore the opportunity costs of not preventing side jobs and providing proof of service.

Prevent Lost Revenue Due to Side Jobs

Side jobs are typically performed during odd-hours, such as the weekends or after normal business hours during the week. They can also take place during regular business hours in-between jobs. Regardless of when they happen, side jobs take away from the services your own business can complete, which ultimately affects your bottom line. When drivers perform side jobs with your company vehicles or equipment, your organization can also be held liable if an accident occurs.