Article | May 15, 2018

The Four Opportunity Costs Of Not Holding Your Drivers Accountable - Pt. I

Source: GPS Insight

By Lance Holt, Content Marketing Specialist, GPS Insight


The number one challenge organizations face without GPS tracking systems is a lack of driver accountability. Along with the common challenges that come along with low accountability, there are four opportunity costs your business is likely to experience.

  • Wasted time tracking down drivers

  • High overtime/labor costs

  • Lost revenue due to side jobs

  • Unable to resolve billing disputes with customers

The ability to look at a map and know where all of your vehicles and equipment are at any given time solves many problems itself. The opportunity costs of not using GPS tracking systems to hold your drivers accountable touch areas of liability, labor costs, and customer service. Read this two-part blog to find out more about these opportunity costs and how GPS tracking systems can be the answer.