White Paper

The Effect Of AI: Agent Replacement Or Augmentation?

Source: IFS North America
Artificial Intelligence Versus Human Knowledge In The Supply Chain

One of the biggest concerns as it relates to the effect of AI, is how it’ll impact actual human employees. Are we reaching a breaking point, where our labour force will ultimately be rendered obsolete? IFS’s recent study explores that notion in some depth, asking respondents their thoughts on a variety of topics related to AI and the labour force.

Survey respondents were very conflicted in the views as to whether AI would replace agents, with 30% agreeing to some extent that this would be the case, with 45% strongly disagreeing. More than half of the respondents from large 200+ seat contact centres felt that AI would replace human agents, with those in small and medium operations feeling that this would not be the case.

More unanimity was found when the question was asked as to whether AI would support human agents, with 85% agreeing or strongly agreeing. There was agreement across all size bands that this would be the most likely outcome, reducing risk, speeding up responses and providing customers with higher quality resolutions.

65% disagreed or strongly disagreed that AI would be irrelevant to their contact centre, with general agreement that AI will affect contact centres of all sizes.