White Paper

The Basics (And Value) Of Telematics

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Sarah Howland, Integrated Solutions magazine

If you regularly read Integrated Solutions, you've been reading quite a bit about M2M technology recently and have probably noticed that M2M is an umbrella under which many applications fall — remote monitoring, Smart Services, and telemetry, to name a few. Another application of M2M is telematics, which is the integration of information and telecommunications that mostly refers to the automotive industry. A telematics solution captures data about a vehicle's location and performance that is transferred to a central location via telecommunications. On the consumer side, many people are familiar with telematics applications such as GM OnStar. However, telematics can also be used by enterprise companies for fleet and asset management. I recently spoke with some industry experts in the telematics space to uncover what the various components of a telematics solution are, how it can be used, and what companies should remember when considering the technology.

Used with permission from Integrated Solutions magazine.