Guest Column | September 9, 2016

Territory Optimization With Location Analysis

Wolfgang Hall, Esri

By Wolfgang Hall, Esri

Territory planning and optimization are increasingly becoming critical for effective field operations. Below are some trends and approaches that make territory management more accessible and streamlined.

If you are responsible for fleet operations, such as for sales representatives, service technicians, or deliveries, you are likely also managing your crew's work areas. Creating optimized territories drives customer satisfaction, reduces travel time as well as fuel consumption and emissions, and maximizes profitability.

It's All about Location

Territory planning and optimization are dependent on location. This is also true for customer sites, field personnel's homes or offices, natural or organizational boundaries, and roads or other transportation infrastructure. Territory optimization ranges from simple aggregation of postal codes to very complex and dynamic boundaries. Geographic information system (GIS) technology provides intuitive tools to combine existing business data with geographic data such as postal areas, streets, or traffic information.