Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

Software Designed to Simplify Fleet Management

With Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR you can manage your fleet and mobile workforce using a single platform. DIRECTOR is the fleet management solution that drives efficiency for over 40,000 businesses worldwide.

By adapting to the needs of fleets of any size across a wide range of industries, DIRECTOR is helping businesses create success stories every day. Whether you’re looking at fleet management software to increase productivity, exceed customer expectations, simplify fleet compliance or improve driver safety you can find the answers with DIRECTOR.  


Maximize fleet productivity by gaining visibility over your remote assets and ensure that your fleet is running smoothly and safely. DIRECTOR provides 24/7 access to GPS fleet management data, helping you make insightful decisions quickly and with minimal risk.

Vehicle Mapping

  • See vehicle location including driver status on clear up to date mapping
  • Customize your mapping with geofences and sites to get you the data that matters
  • Weather telematics overlay to guide at-risk drivers during mission-critical operations

Effective Communication

  • Keep drivers and dispatchers connected throughout the day
  • Flexible message formats including customizable forms and canned responses
  • Integrated navigation to route your drivers quickly and safely with traffic and weather avoidance

Connected Workflow

  • Built in workflow solutions including job dispatch, proof of delivery and compliance
  • Go beyond DIRECTOR with native integrations with a wide range of software providers
  • Create something bespoke with our open API


Access information quickly with DIRECTOR’s flexible dashboards, customizable reports and real-time alerts. We strive to bring fleet management software to life by creating simple tools that enable you to visualize your fleet’s performance in the way that you want.

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Create your own dashboard focused on your most critical KPIs
  • Set targets and measure fleet wide performance 
  • Get driver data insights and trends with drill down reporting 

Build Your Own Report

  • Generate custom reporting in an easy to use Data Analytics interface
  • Visualize your data and find new patterns and trends across your fleet
  • Build goals into your charts and visualize your fleet performance

Customizable Alerts

  • Bring tracking to life with real-time in application, email and text message alerting
  • Create exception alerts and react quickly to unplanned situations
  • Set alert prioritization and ensure that critical issues are addressed quickly


Simplify compliance and avoid costly penalties with DIRECTOR’s automated compliance solutions. Eliminate hours of paperwork and move your business forward with solutions that manage ELD compliance, DVIR processes and IFTA reporting.  

Accurate ELDs

  • Implement an FMCSA certified ELD solution
  • Prevent HOS violations with clean color coded driver status reporting    
  • Go beyond ELD and optimize resource allocation and improve driver safety 

Fleet Maintenance

  • Simplify driver inspection reporting and identify maintenance needs quickly 
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance and vehicle downtime 
  • Have auditable processes for managing fleet maintenance

Smarter, Better Compliance

  • Use one fleet management system for your compliance needs
  • Get compliance solutions for ELD, DVIR and IFTA
  • Get access to driver behavior reporting to improve CSA scores


Creating a culture of safety within your organization will help your business reduce loss and preserves a company’s good record with regulators and insurers. Protect you drivers with DIRECTOR’s Safety Analytics module which can help reinforce safe driving practices and equip drivers to handle the unexpected.

Driver Scorecards

  • Get clear performance reports to share with your drivers
  • Visualize trends and identify areas of strength and weakness 
  • Implement high impact training programs that are tailored around each driver

Event Viewer

  • Understand the cause of incidents with second by second incident recordings  
  • Get to root cause by reviewing incident replays with your drivers
  • Create a safe driving culture with high impact driver debrief meetings

In-Vehicle Notifications

  • Give your drivers a trainer in the cab with a heads up training aid 
  • Maximize the impact of training with this behavioral learning tool
  • Motivate your drivers with performance based incentive schemes