White Paper

Techs Drive Value, Service Excellence Delivers Profits

Source: Astea International
Field Technician

Service revenue goals are no longer a pipe dream for the CSO. The desire to unearth and sustain revenue streams from service demands that organizations must invest in the technology to support the field team while ensuring value can be delivered to customers. As seen in Aberdeen Group's Service Revenue:  Unearth an Untapped Stream of Dollars report (May 2015), eight out of ten top performers were able to achieve profitability in their previous 12 months of operation, as compared to only half of their peers. The divide between hitting revenue goals or missing out is delivering value to the customer. The challenge is that perceived value is a moving target. Organizations need to continuously improve and evolve in order to meeting changing needs, demands, and opportunities. 

So how can organizations evolve and grow if they aren't adequately supported? Organizations are finding that their growth and their ability to deliver increased value to customers is stunted by a lack of budget and other headwinds.