News | March 20, 2015

Team Campbell Logistics To Monitor And Manage Its Mobile Assets With Spireon's FleetLocate

Source: Spireon, Inc.
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Spireon Inc., the leading innovator of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence Solutions that connect companies to their mobile assets and workforces, today announced that Team Campbell Logistics, a provider of dry and refrigerated freight service to the western U.S., has selected Spireon’s fleet & asset intelligence solution, FleetLocate, to monitor and manage its mobile assets.

Team Campbell Logistics has a fleet of more than 600 trailers, most of which are refrigerated. The company’s primary concerns:  Real-time visibility into the location and status of these valuable assets, and the ability to maximize trailer utilization. The solution also needed to fully integrate with the transportation management software that the company utilizes.

“Our previous solution provided one satellite ping a day, and that’s not enough for our type of business,” said Paul Trump, president of Team Campbell Logistics. “Spireon not only provides real-time visibility, but also brings our company a whole new level of optimization for our assets and equipment. I can look at 20 locations on a map and see where the assets are, make sure we are not overloading any one terminal, and ensure the assets do not stay in any one place too long or stray from their route. With Spireon, I have a much higher level of control over our fleet.”

FleetLocate is a highly scalable trailer management solution that connects fleet owners to rich GPS data, analytics and fleet intelligence. FleetLocate will also help Team Campbell Logistics to:

  • Improve productivity per trailer by speeding up processes
  • Automate yard check-ins
  • Help drivers pinpoint trailer location in crowded distribution centers
  • Send automated notifications when a trailer has arrived at its destination—or stops at an unauthorized landmark
  • Improve driver satisfaction

By utilizing FleetLocate to improve trailer utilization, Team Campbell Logistics expects it will be able to lessen its reliance on renting trailers during peak times, and in fact, may even be able to reduce its native fleet. When it completes this inventory evaluation, the company will deploy FleetLocate across the remainder of its fleet.

“We are pleased to provide the asset and trailer intelligence solutions that Team Campbell Logistics needed to streamline their operations,” said Roni Taylor VP of Industry Relations for Spireon.  “By choosing Spireon’s trailer management platform, Team Campbell Logistics has access to rich data and analytics they can use to further optimize their fleet, trim costs and increase revenue.”

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Source: Spireon, Inc.