Case Study

Targeting Field Service Success At C&C Group

Source: FieldConnect
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With an array of services designed to make buildings more energy efficient, safer, and easier to maintain, C&C Group needed a solution to better manage their mobile workforce. C&C’s CIO, Chad Cillessen, knew that some of their existing processes were less than optimal, especially around work order entry and time entry for their 58 field technicians.

So C&C began a search for the solution that could address the company’s efficiency challenges. “The first requirement for the preferred solution was integration into our Viewpoint Vista enterprise resource planning platform,“ says Cillessen. “After that, we needed a solution that eliminated the need for duplicative work,” he adds. At the time, C&C was entering time and work order entry twice, which was proving to be costly from both a time and cost perspective.

The selection process involved three vendors, eventually leading to the selection of FieldConnect as the best fit for their needs. “As we went through the evaluation process, we became more aware of requirements above and beyond the ERP integration and time and work order entry,” remembers Cillessen. “The third, main capability that cemented FieldConnect as the chosen vendor involved the support for offline mode for our field technicians.” The offline mode for FieldConnect’s FieldAccess offering allows technicians to continue to work with the application, even where connectivity is spotty or nonexistent.