News | April 6, 2021

SyncDog Empowers Global Enterprises By Securely Mobilizing Employees

Mobile endpoint security platform, Secure.Systems, enables employees to remain productive while securely accessing corporate data on mobile devices

Reston, VA /PRNewswire/ - SyncDog Inc., the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for next generation mobile endpoint security and data loss prevention, supports organizations on a global scale, securing enterprise data on mobile devices in every setting. Securing data without restricting productivity is a challenge for companies of all sizes, and the COVID-19 pandemic has required employees to work outside of the protection of their company's secure networks, expanding the security perimeter IT administrators must oversee. SyncDog's comprehensive mobile endpoint security platform gives organizations access to a highly secure, Trusted Mobile Workspace (TMW) that uses AES 256 bit encryption to isolate sensitive data from personal information on the device, regardless if it is managed or unmanaged; on-line or off-line, corporate-owned personally-enabled (COPE) or bring-your-own device (BYOD); iOS or Android.

SyncDog is now working with Maptalent to provision the Secure.Systems solution across their workforce, which will serve as a protective shield over their mobile device landscape. SyncDog's Secure.Systems empowers Maptalent's workforce to use their mobile devices for work, uninhibited and unrestricted. Maptalent delivers quality recruitment and human capital solutions across the Middle East, United Kingdom and United States. With Secure.Systems, employees of Maptalent are now able to conduct business operations from wherever they are on any device they choose, without risk of corporate data being exposed or compromised.

"Regardless of whether our employees are teleworking or traveling, we want them to be able to access company data without compromising security," said Mark Palmer, CEO of Maptalent."Much of what we do involves sensitive and personal data so It's important that our employees are able to be productive from wherever they are, and have access to the information they need, to do their jobs. SyncDog's Secure.Systems solution has given us peace of mind knowing that our data is secure and that business operations can continue without hindrance. This has allowed us to focus on achieving our business goals and delivering on challenging assignments."

"Corporate device policies often lack a unified workspace that appropriately minimizes the attack surface, while enabling autonomy and data privacy for employees," said Brian Egenrieder, Chief Revenue Officer at SyncDog. "Our team is thrilled to equip Maptalent with the tools necessary to securely leverage the power of mobility, empowering their employees to get the job done, with the data they need, on their preferred device."

SyncDog is the first fully-integrated, mobile endpoint security solution that offers a mobile management suite. This allows SyncDog to provide granular control and visibility of how data is accessed and secured on corporate-owned and/or personal mobile devices. SyncDog's mobile management capabilities include device tracking, inventory, application distribution, password verification and enforcement, as well as data encryption. Customers also have access to Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), as well as a private app store, to ensure they are protected before accessing or downloading sensitive corporate data. The Secure.Systems solution is offered in a single app, via a single download that is centrally managed in a unified console – a single plane of glass to monitor all mobile devices accessing work related data.

To learn more about Secure.System's capabilities, and effectiveness at protecting employee's devices please visit our website.

About SyncDog Inc.
SyncDog is the leading ISV for building mobile endpoint frameworks that extend app functionality to devices while securing corporate and Government networks. SyncDog's flagship solution, Secure.Systems, delivers a rich and unimpeded mobile experience for employees who use a mobile device for work, and supports a multitude of enterprise productivity apps within a NIST-Validated (FIPS 140-2 cert. #2687), workspace. Secure.Systems is ideal for organizations that want to deliver a rich mobile app experience across BYOD, CYOD (choose your own device), or other endpoint device policies. Secure.Systems is a natural complement to security and compliance auditing initiatives to satisfy the mandates of HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC, PCI DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and other laws/standards for data security.

Secure.Systems can be deployed as managed service from or as an on- premise solution. Additionally, Secure.Systems can be found on the Microsoft Azure and MobileIron marketplace exchanges, as well as on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

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