Article | April 2, 2015

3 Strategies For Driving Efficiency In The Field

Source: Trimble PULSE
Fleet Managers Can Optimize Efficiency

Submitted by Trimble Field Service Management

The pressures of running a fleet leave managers little time for strategic changes because they spend most of their workday reacting to the constant demands of tracking and maintaining field vehicles and keeping technicians on schedule. To make things as efficient as possible, managers have learned that they need to easily capture and consolidate vast quantities of data produced by in-vehicle devices and the handhelds of mobile workers.

Doing so requires reliable systems to capture, analyze and turn data into actionable business intelligence, so managers can manage by exception rather than instinct. For instance, information from location technology and 3D mapping helps optimize routing, saving on vehicle maintenance and fuel, while data from fleet and workforce management systems facilitates operational changes to boost productivity.

Fleets in a range of industries typically enjoy double-digit percentage gains from implementing these technologies. A study by NDP Consulting found that GPS technology produces 11 percent savings in labor costs, 13 percent in fuel and 13 percent in vehicle maintenance and repair. In addition, field service managers have learned that workforce management software can boost productivity by more than 10 percent and dispatch efficiency by at least 20 percent.

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