Article | April 12, 2018

6 Steps To Field Service Profitability

Source: Astea International
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The evolution of field service from a cost center to a profit center has been ongoing for the past decade – and in some industries, field service has emerged as a critical and even primary profit generator.

Field service automation is well understood as a way to reduce expenses. But by focusing on technician productivity and shaving costs, field service organizations (FSOs) are ignoring other ways these automated and mobile solutions can boost profits through increased revenue and customer retention, thus leaving money on the table. By thinking of field service automation as the foundation of a holistic approach to profitability, FSOs can remain competitive in a market that is increasingly focused as much on value and quality as it is on efficiency and cost.

How can you do this? Focus on the three key pillars of the field service value proposition – people, process, and technology. Below are six critical steps that can lead to higher service profitability.