Article | February 26, 2021

4 Staffing Challenges In Field Service Management

Source: Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc.

It’s no question in any field service management business that staffing is critical. If you don’t have the right technicians, you can’t provide great service. And you can’t have high expectations if you don’t have systems and processes in place to give your technicians a chance to succeed. It’s why the industry has turned to give technicians what they need to succeed. That includes things like field service software and mobile field service apps. Tools they can use every day to operate efficiently.

However, today’s managers have a tough challenge. There is a shortage of skilled technicians to hire and new candidates are not entering the field as they did before. Under the best conditions, hiring isn’t easy. But put in shortage problems, increased expectations and a transforming industry, it’s quickly turned into one of the largest challenges in field service management. Baby boomers are leaving and are not being replaced fast enough by millennials. In order to find success in hiring, managers need to adjust their focus. And also how they go about selling field service to the next generation.

Challenge: New hires don’t meet previous set standards

Managers who are hiring new technicians are faced with the challenge that these new hires don’t come with the same experience as their older or current ones. With the talent pool being so small, applicants for new jobs may not have the skills or experience a manager would want. But that leaves hiring managers in a tough spot. Do they take on an inexperienced technician, or do they keep looking to hire someone else?

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