SQL Anywhere Studio

SQL Anywhere
SQL Anywhere Studio is the market leading data management and enterprise synchronization solution for enabling the rapid development and deployment of distributed e-Business solutions. It extends the reach of a corporation's e-Business information to mobile, remote, embedded and workgroup applications. It ensures "always available" access to data and corporate applications – giving workers the information they need, when they need it. SQL Anywhere Studio is enabled through data synchronization and fully transactional local data management.
SQL Anywhere Studio is iAnywhere Solutions market leading mobile data management and synchronization solution featuring major performance, security and developer enhancements; it is optimized for larger scale mobile, embedded and workgroup deployments. With over 7 million deployed seats at over ten thousand customer sites worldwide, SQL Anywhere Studio is the platform of choice for extending enterprise data and information beyond corporate walls – powering solutions that improve productivity, streamline operations and create new revenue opportunities. In addition, more than 1,000 application partners including over 700 OEM partners embed the technology as a part of their software packages for resale, including sales force automation, field service, customer relationship management and enterprise portal solutions. SQL Anywhere Studio features enhanced performance and scalability, optimized for larger databases, more complex queries and larger workgroup environments. Improved query processing and optimization can make many complex queries up to six times faster, with the help of an advanced index type for efficient large key indexing, and a bitmap table page that lists enable faster table scans. Enhanced enterprise synchronization extends enterprise information to mobile and wireless devices more efficiently than ever before increasing flexibility, and easing integration with diverse backend systems. Fortified security provides end-to-end security from the enterprise to the local device to meet the exceptional privacy requirements of industries such as healthcare and financial services using a strong local data encryption and authentication requirements to protect information, even if the device is lost or stolen and protection for both the employee and the enterprise from unauthorized access to sensitive data. SQL Anywhere Studio is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise synchronization to enable the rapid development and deployment of mobile, workgroup and embedded database solutions. SQL Anywhere extends the reach of a corporation's e-Business information to anywhere business transactions occur.