News | July 10, 2018

SensLynx Announces New GPS Tracking Business Model For Independent Resellers

SensLynx introduces all-inclusive program designed to turn sales professionals and existing businesses into fleet/asset tracking entrepreneurs.

Though still a young company, SensLynx has quickly established itself as one of the foremost brands in the fleet and asset management industry. Some of the credit goes to its cofounders, both of whom have long-standing track records as executives with other wireless entities and top tier fleet tracking companies. But SensLynx’s world-class GPS tracking hardware and software, as well as its full suite of mobile solutions for companies of all sizes, is another driving force behind its sterling reputation.

Since its inception, SensLynx has broadened its scope into many other IoT areas, but sees a powerful opportunity for unlimited growth in the fleet tracking arena through a network of newly minted resale business owners. IoT fleet management continues to be one of the fastest growing markets globally, and is forecasted to be worth over $15 Billion by 2024. Yet, it is also one of the most under-penetrated, opening a wide window for agile entrepreneurs in a broad range of verticals, such as Transportation, Plumbing, Heating/Air Conditioning, Landscaping, Electricians, Food Delivery, Utilities/Oil/Gas, Construction, Non-Emergency Medical Transport, Airports, Waste Management and Public Safety/Security.

The new SensLynx GPS Management Accelerator Program (GMAP) can either enable start-ups or enhance existing business portfolios with the addition of tracking solutions. GMAP requires no upfront investment or inventory warehousing, and is structured to deliver recurring revenue via new sales channels, while also being compatible with legacy business models to capitalize on similar customer profiles. And because SensLynx white labels its solutions under certain criteria, entrepreneurs earn significant margin on hardware sales (up to 75%!) plus monthly subscription income from the customers they will own outright.

“We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Rob Garry, Co-Founder and CEO of SensLynx. ÍžNot only does this Accelerator Program help us grow our IoT Fleet sector on a grass roots level, it inspires others to strike out on their own or expand.”

The GMAP program is built around SensLynx’s bundled solution components, which include Fleet & Asset Tracking, Electronic Logging Device, Routing Application, Video/DashCam capture and Workforce Management for smart phones. At the heart is its comprehensive fleet/asset tracking software, packed with features like Data Handling, Parsing, Database, Mapping, Alerting, Reporting, Dispatch, Maintenance Logging, e-Logs, Local Posted Speed Limits, Addressing, Geofencing, Interstate Miles, Open API-based software and more. The complete bundled solution with software, hardware and data connectivity is attractively packaged at one guaranteed monthly price.

Senslynx’s GMAP program provides every tool necessary for companies to succeed, including initial training, planning for roll-out, conducting telemarketing for launch, developing website content, providing custom branded marketing materials and online demo support, accessible through the streamlined GMAP Reseller Portal where businesses can also easily manage supply chain and customer accounts.

Tom Maguire, Co-Founder, COO and CMO of SensLynx said, “We’ve worked hard to create a superior, all-encompassing, yet simple program that will ensure our resellers see measurable results in record time with dedicated support from us.”

GPS Tracking makes customer fleets, assets and personnel safer and more productive, while reducing operating costs and increasing profitability overall. The SensLynx GPS Tracking Solution delivers everything and then some. And the low expenditure, high return GMAP program allows sales professionals to become successful proprietors in an emerging industry rather than employees, and augments existing businesses with a leading-edge technology. The future of IoT Fleet Management is very bright.

SensLynx has become the 360° Authority on Wireless IoT Connectivity and GPS Fleet Management Since 2016. SensLynx was founded by specialists with deep roots in every aspect of the wireless and IoT ecosystem. SensLynx solutions include Fleet/Asset Tracking, Internet Failover, Bundled IoT Solutions, Go-to-Market and IoT Consulting—all contributing to effortless deployment of fixed and mobile applications. The personalized guidance and dedicated support of SensLynx’s expert team helps companies seamlessly navigate the complex web of platforms, hardware and network technologies in the constantly evolving IoT space. For more information, visit

Source: SensLynx