News | May 15, 2014

SDG Systems Announces Linux® For The Trimble Yuma 2®


SDG Systems announced today that Linux is now available for the Trimble Yuma 2 rugged tablet. The Linux tablet, based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution, provides a flexible, secure, and full-featured alternative to other operating systems.

Harmony, PA (PRWEB) - SDG Systems, LLC announced today the availability of the Trimble Yuma 2 rugged tablet computer running the GNU/Linux (“Linux”) operating system. The introduction of Linux to the Yuma 2 tablet enables the mobile use of a wide variety of free and open source applications. In addition, the robust construction and connectivity features of the Yuma 2 provide a convenient way to collect field data or interface to field or factory equipment.

“Linux offers three main areas of advantage for our customers: flexibility, security, and maintenance,” said Todd Blumer, CEO of SDG Systems. “Linux is flexible, offering a variety of free office and productivity tools, programming environments, and the ability to configure the OS as needed for a project. For security, Linux includes GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG), Open Secure Shell (OpenSSH), and supports a variety of VPNs and other encryption software. Linux is significantly less subject to malware attacks than other operating systems. Linux is also maintainable. It makes better use of hardware resources (uses less RAM and disk space), and performance won’t degrade over time. Standard tools, like SSH, allow secure remote access for administrators to troubleshoot problems.”

The Trimble Yuma 2 is a rugged, compact, MIL-STD-810G tested, IP65 tablet computer. It has one of the best outdoor-readable tablet displays in the industry, an option for a high-precision GPS, and all-day and hot-swap battery options. When ordered from SDG Systems, or one of our reseller partners, the Yuma 2 with Linux defaults to a dual-boot configuration, allowing the user to run both Linux and Windows applications. Standard features include a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel® processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB SSD, dual-band Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology, capacitive multi-touch 7” LCD panel, 2-4m GPS and 5 MP camera. Optional features include 3.75G cellular data communications, high-precision 1-2m GPS, and docking and other accessories.

The Yuma 2 is currently running the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux release. Other Linux distributions or releases are available by request, with volume commitment or engineering payment. SDG Systems is a strategic partner and reseller of Trimble products. SDG is the exclusive distribution channel of Linux for the Yuma 2. Reseller inquiries may be made to the SDG Systems’ sales department or on the SDG Systems’ website.

About SDG Systems
SDG Systems delivers innovative, customizable, Android and Linux solutions, specializing in rugged and mobile computers. SDG provides superior technical support, software customizations, and complete solutions. SDG is a leader in the implementation of Google Android solutions on rugged and embedded devices since 2009 and has been developing and supporting Linux system software since 2001.

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