Magazine Article | August 1, 2004

Scanning System Saves Time For Hospital Workers

Source: Business Solutions Magazine
Business Solutions, August 2004

After a Y2K upgrade of its document management system failed to live up to expectations, St. Bernards Healthcare (SBHC) (Jonesboro, AK) sought a system that could be expanded as technology needs changed and would be appropriate for use enterprise-wide. SBHC also wanted to convert old data into the upgraded system. The healthcare provider determined that OnBase, developed by Hyland Software, Inc. (Cleveland), was best suited to meet its enterprise requirements. Working with VAR AXIO Technologies, Inc. (West Plains, MO), SBHC implemented a scanning and archiving system featuring OnBase COLD (computer output to laser disk), which compresses and indexes reports and statements for online access, and DIP (document import processor), which archives files.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Filing Systems
Prior to implementing the solution, the information systems department at SBHC printed and sifted through thousands of pages of reports to ensure that data were delivered to the appropriate manager. These paper documents were sent to each manager through inter-office mail. This time-consuming process has been eliminated because OnBase processes data files and assigns index values to the documents. Managers now access the information via keywords, enabling them to find exactly the documents they need.

In the accounting and purchasing departments, documents are scanned and indexed by purchase order number, vendor name, invoice number, invoice amount, check number, and cost center. As a result, what used to take 6 hours to scan, file, and index now takes just 16 seconds per week.

In addition, the accounting department scans hard-copy documents, including financial data, asset files, contracts, and leases. The system enables authorized employees to access files online while providing heightened security of documents. Three of the company's four human resources departments also are using the system, and SBHC plans to expand the system to other departments due to the success of the installation.