Case Study

Rugged Tablets Turn Golf Carts Into Multi-Function Smart Vehicles

Source: AMobile Intelligent Corp.

With the popularity of tablets, many organizations are beginning to think about how to use this slate-style computer in business environments to enhance their competitiveness, such as golf club. Golf club usually has a vast area to design various fairways so as to provide an engaging or challenging golfing experience for its members and visitors. Therefore, providing golf cart is the necessary service to allow golfers to enjoy the game by minimizing travel distance while playing around.

A golf cart can do more than transporting golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course. In fact, it can be a smart vehicle through implementing rugged tablet to provide navigation, scoring, promotional advertising and other features. Golf club could conduct large data analysis to make more suitable promotions by leveraging on the Vehicle Mount tablet to collect each golfer’s data. It could also cooperate with the stores around the club (e.g. hotel, restaurant, and golf-related shop) to play their ads, thus reducing the cost of purchasing hardware. On the other hand, golf club could benefit from such remote mobile management to supervise the fleet in a more immediate way while providing better services for its golfers.