News | February 19, 2024

ROO.AI Lowers The Cost Of Digitalizing The Frontline Workforce In MTO Manufacturing

New Device Sharing Capabilities Add Speed, Accountability and Affordability For Quality Inspections and Defect to RepairROO.AI

ROO.AI announced today the availability of a device sharing feature that delivers a major cost saving benefit for frontline digital automation. The first of its kind platform, ROO.AI incorporates a unique visual interface for mobile devices that shows frontline workers exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. While it is clear to most MTO manufacturers that digitalization initiatives need to extend to the frontline, providing mobile devices for frontline worker use is still a challenge. With this announcement, ROO.AI customers can easily use shared mobile devices for quality inspections and defect to repair processes without sacrificing worker accountability or introducing extra time for repeated logins or validations.

Replacing paper to digitalize frontline operations can significantly reduce the time it takes to spot and fix defects, lowering rework costs and boosting overall quality. Yet for many MTO manufacturers, providing every worker access to a company mobile device may be challenging. With ROO.AI, MTO manufacturers can leverage shared mobile devices for frontline workers to quickly view defect reports and affect repairs on the spot. Workers have immediate access to defect information identified through quality inspections, with full descriptions, images and video illustrating the deficiencies. Workers simply scan their badges with the mobile device to register a fix - simplifying the process, reducing cycle time and still capturing important information for use in analyzing product quality and production team performance.

“Working with customers in MTO manufacturing, we found that one of the most common obstacles that would slow down implementations was the deployment of mobile devices to the manufacturing floor,” said Stephen Zocchi, Chief Marketing Officer at ROO.AI. “By adding this enhancement to ROO.AI, we help MTO manufacturers accelerate their time to value and simplify digital transformation by leveraging shared devices without any sacrifice in the collection of valuable quality data.”

About ROO.AI :
ROO.AI, a purpose built platform to address frontline workforce skills gaps, is simplifying the jobs of frontline workers, and improving production, quality and costs for companies that depend on a frontline workforce for success. ROO.AI replaces paper to automate tasks such as assembly, inspections, quality control, equipment and field maintenance with a breakthrough visual interface, guided assistance and Bots on mobile devices to show workers exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. A complete platform, including asset management, issue traceability, planned maintenance, work order management and analytics, ROO.AI digitalizes end-to-end frontline processes while helping companies onboard faster and upskill their workforce.

Source: ROO.AI