Article | May 2, 2019

ROI Of Field Service Management: KPIs For Measuring Success

Source: ClickSoftware

By Paul Whitelam, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at ClickSoftware

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Service providers are on a constant mission to uncover the most effective ways to increase market share by winning new customers and retaining and expanding existing relationships. Part and parcel of this is customer satisfaction, a metric that is high on the priority list from the boardroom to the field.

Modern field service management technology offers solutions to the challenges faced by service providers. For companies looking at ways to increase productivity, efficiency, and provide great customer experiences, intelligent automation is the way forward. But as with any other strategic investment, the business must be able to see tangible value in a proposed technology investment. So how do you measure something you haven’t already implemented?

In order to understand if you will achieve an appropriate return on investment (ROI) from field service technology, you must be prepared to ask tough questions. Below are three key performance indicators for measuring the success of field service management technology...