News | February 21, 2024

Rever Launches Frontline Action System: Empowering Frontline Workers With AI For Enhanced Efficiency

With Rever’s digital platform, manufacturers can increase productivity and reduce costs by managing all the human actions at the frontline in one place

Rever, a pioneer in mobile software for manufacturers, today announces the launch of the first Frontline Action System. The AI-powered digital platform enables Frontline-Driven productivity in manufacturing shopfloors, warehouses, hospitality facilities, and the service field. Frontline workers can capture and manage all their tasks, routines, inputs, and cost-saving improvements in a very easy-to-use app and, aided by Artificial Intelligence, receive specific recommendations to solve problems and eliminate losses.

“Everyone in our industry knows manufacturing is hard, and that it’s getting harder with supply chain disruptions, rampant inflation, talent scarcity, and low-cost competitors. Operations leaders want to solve what is urgent: delivering on time, before they can address what is important: doing so with high productivity,” said Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever. “Knowing this, we developed our Frontline Action System to deliver immediate impact in controlling the chaos inherent to manufacturing, and then provide savings and perpetual productivity gains.”

World-class companies like Hyundai, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Grupo Bimbo, and Volkswagen have empowered their frontline employees with Rever since 2015. Back then, the Rever platform consisted of a digital “anti-suggestion box”, a novel approach to managing improvement ideas in a decentralized way, led by the frontline workers themselves instead of relying on experts or consultants.

Today, with the Frontline Action System release, these manufacturers can now fully run, troubleshoot, and improve their daily operations with the Frontline-Driven approach enabled by Rever’s mobile and web apps: by connecting the people closest to the value chain to self-organize and make things better.
Rever’s Frontline Action System enables Operations Leaders to eliminate losses in Operations, Quality, Maintenance, Safety, and Cost Reduction through three main steps:

1. Turn the complexity of manufacturing into predictable order
How: Providing simple visibility of all human tasks managed in one place.

Feature highlights:

  • Jobs: Frontline Tasks, Routines, Automated Reminders
  • Inputs: Forms, Requests, Checklists
  • Tracking: Customizable Boards, Kanban View

2. Reduce costs and increase productivity
How: Eliminating losses from within. Find, solve, and quantify daily improvements.

Feature highlights:

  • Detection: Inspections, Audits, and Findings
  • Solution: Quick Fixes, Improvement Ideas, Root Cause Analysis
  • Collaboration: Social-media-style Commenting, Sharing, Gamification
  • Financial Impact: Quantification, Validation, and Consolidation of Savings

3. Use data to improve exponentially
How: Never solving the same problem twice, learning from global experiences.

Feature Highlights:

  • Best Practice Sharing: Duplicate Detection, Idea Match, Automatic Suggestions
  • Languages: One-click Translation of Content
  • Trend Visualization: Real-time Dashboards, Downloadable Reports

Rever’s Frontline Action System is now available to the general public. To evaluate if Rever is a good fit for your organization, click here to request a free consultation and demo session.

To learn more about Rever and the Frontline Action System release, please visit:

About Rever:
Rever is a digital platform that helps manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and remain competitive in the global market. Over the past 9 years, Rever has helped world-class companies like Volkswagen, ThermoFisher Scientific, Hyundai, Grupo Bimbo, and Renault engage their people across 2,000 sites in 70+ countries and 20 languages, resulting in an average savings of $7,000 per employee annually. Rever has offices in San Francisco, California; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Barcelona, Spain. For more information, visit

Source: Rever, Inc