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Reducing Organizational Drag

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Healthcare Vertical Promises Big Growth For Beacons Through 2019

Approvals processes are vital to every part of your business, helping to govern processes in Finance, Procurement, Sales, Operations, and HR. However, the business applications that power your approvals processes are extremely complex and difficult to access, introducing significant delays in each process.

The challenge is that the business applications that house the approvals workflows are difficult to access, tied to computers and VPNs, and require navigating multiple screens in order to perform the approval. Since many managers spend most of their workweek away from the corporate office, the time delay to access the right system to conduct the approval can be hours  or even days. With some approvals requiring numerous different approvers, the organizational drag is compounded and the impact can be costly.  On  the following pages, you will read about three companies that are keeping  up with the fast pace of business by delivering mobile micro apps to simplify and consolidate approvals.

Volvo Financial Services enhances their competitive advantage by accelerating the customer quoting and approvals process by 60%

For Volvo Financial Services, providing customers with the right finance options for their trucks, buses, and equipment throughout 44 countries, in a timely manner makes or breaks the sale. When a potential customer needs financing, they want to know as soon as possible how much can be borrowed and how fast the credit can be approved, which is why they reach out to multiple suppliers at once to provide bids. Speed-to-quote and the right financing rates give them a competitive advantage.

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