Case Study

Reducing Labor And Overstock Costs

Source: CSDP Corporation

After acquiring a smaller company, a leading Internet security provider needed to migrate the company from their old legacy system to a new infrastructure. During this time, it was critical that customer support was fully maintained, and that the migration was completed in less than 2 months. The company was suffering from a backlog of customer requests; their legacy system was incapable of tracking customer reported issues, repairs, or service entitlements. Despite a full staff of 30 front line support representatives, response to customer calls routinely took 2 days. On the second day, 100% of service issues were resolved by entirely replacing the clients' Internet security device.

CSDP customized an SRM © solution to interface with the company's existing CRM while giving additional functionality. CSDP established a centralized knowledge database so that contact agents and inventory managers could better coordinate activities, access repair history and technical guides, more effectively automate the service process. This phase of the solution was implemented ahead of schedule and on budget.