Article | March 6, 2019

5 Reasons Why Field Service Companies Should Use Social Media Advertising

Source: Commusoft

By Jason Morjaria, Commusoft CEO

Social Media: Opportunity For Engagement Or Cause For Complaint?

Social media marketing is an ubiquitous term, familiar to anyone who has had to manage a company in the last decade. While in the past, it was recommended that any company, regardless of the industry it operates in, should have a presence, however minimal, on social platforms, nowadays a profile is not nearly enough to set you apart from your competition.

Moreover, social networks have developed into an advertising behemoth, with cynics arguing that the “social” could be discarded and replaced with “paid”. Whether you subscribe to this world view or consider platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn a thriving market for new acquaintances, you should still acknowledge the business value of paid online advertising.

This being said, social media brings forth a few key benefits that escape other online marketing options such as PPC or 3rd party website lead generation plans. These benefits are even more apparent when compared to traditional advertising - still a preferred method for many local service companies. While the latter has its place in some marketing strategies, the following 5 reasons for choosing social media advertising will cover the advantages that might just motivate your business to switch. 

1.People buy from people

And they would much rather buy from someone they know than from a faceless, nameless business entity. One of the main reasons why companies need to have a social media presence, in addition to communicating with their customers and managing feedback, is to show leads that there are actual people behind the logos. It seems obvious yet a quick browse through a few Facebook business pages reveals that it’s an often overlooked fact.

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