Webinar | September 7, 2018

3 Real World Applications Of IoT Impacting Field Services

Source: Telit
6 IoT Predictions For 2015

Tired of hearing about the promises of IoT?  Looking for real and practical applications of IoT, relevant to field services? 

If you’re interested in hearing how several customers have transformed their field operations with IoT, then this is a webinar you don’t want to miss.

Hear how a restaurant supplier to more than 25,000 food service locations in 40 metropolitan markets across the U.S. implemented a wireless telemetry system to deliver real-time usage updates from cooking oil tanks on customers’ sites and, as a result, streamlined the routing and schedules of its drivers and field technicians, resulting in $340k of annual savings.

Learn how a leading industrial cleaning equipment supplier dramatically improved their customer service experience, maintained their assets more effectively and lowered their operations costs - using data that was intelligently collected, analyzed and presented into their customized mobile app, and easily integrated into their existing ERP.

Finally, we share how a high-tech industrial machine maker optimized their specialized field service technicians’ time, avoiding unnecessary and repeat service calls. Equipped with a mobile app, these technicians also acquired timely and critical insights into machine diagnostics and performance.

This webinar will:

  • Highlight recent market research on IoT adoption related to field services.
  • Showcase 3 customer cases of field services being transformed by IoT. 
  • Provide insight and recommendations to help you get started with an IoT solution designed to help improve field service operations.
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