Magazine Article | June 27, 2011

Resource Article: Real-Time Tracking Protects High-Value Assets

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Brian Albright, Field Technologies magazine

Keeping track of high-value or high-risk assets is an important task for any enterprise. When critical items like generators, vehicles, transportation assets, construction equipment, or even valuable cargo are lost or stolen, companies can incur significant replacement costs, in addition to insurance repercussions.

"Ultimately, ‘high value' is in the eyes of the owners (and their insurance companies)," says Paul Henderson, vice president of product management and marketing at SensorLogic. "Often, this categorization boils down to an assessment of the value of a particular asset or group of assets to a business or organization. The other aspect of high value assets is that they're expensive, so companies want to ensure they are fully utilizing those assets and that they are being properly maintained."