Article | November 9, 2017

Quick Guide: Electronic Driver Logs

Source: Trimble
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FMCSA On Track To Initiate E-Log Mandates

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has recently passed new regulations related to commercial motor vehicle drivers introducing requirements for electronic logging devices (ELD).

These rules are already changing the landscape within the commercial motor vehicle industry. From fleet managers, supervisors and dispatchers to drivers and field inspectors on the road, day to day operations of motor vehicle carriers will undergo significant changes.

These changes can create substantial benefits for the organizations, but they will also present challenges. Organizations that take full advantage of these rules can realize significant benefits including positive changes to their bottom line. Organizations who fail to take advantage leave money on the table and can end up paying hefty fines for non-compliance. Organizations must act quickly in order to remain compliant with the new rules.

In this guide we’ll summarize the different rules, their benefits and explain what you need to know to keep your fleet safe and compliant. We’ll also help you to understand ELD systems and how to choose the best solution for your organization.