News | March 6, 2006

Photron Technologies Commences Final Implementation Stage For Innovative Wireless Technology

Breakthrough Ultra Spectral Modulation (USM) Technology to be Demonstrated in FPGA Architecture

Photron Technologies Ltd. today announced that their ground breaking modulation technology USM, is in the final stages of implementation utilizing FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) as the hardware platform. This final stage completes the transition from simulations to hardware functionality while confirming the successful application of a unique digital filter developed during 2005. The completion of the hardware demonstration will potentially show USM to be the first communications technology to achieve data transmission rates of 100bps/Hz. The phenomenal breakthrough rates provided by Photron's Market Changing Technology will allow wireless data transmission rates of 5Mbs through a narrow 50Kz channel. Current wireless technologies require channel bandwidths that are 25x larger.

The increased spectral efficiency of USM coupled with the quantum leap in data rates, will enable information and other content providers the opportunity to explore applications not yet available while dramatically increasing the utilization of costly bandwidth. The growth opportunity for high-speed networks will be in advanced services such as mobile music and video. In addition, set-top boxes for high-speed satellite and terrestrial communications, hand held devices for commercial, industrial, and military applications requiring wireless speeds up to 2 times T1 data rates, will now become a reality.

Dale Kluesing, Chief Technology Officer, Photron stated, "The advent of our hardware prototype demonstration for our licensed partners and other telecommunication companies is a very important milestone. After two years of extensive R&D effort, it is gratifying to know that we will succeed in providing a telecommunications technology that far surpasses any current base band technology by a factor of twenty-five."

The final implementation phase is expected to last approximately sixty days with actual demonstrations starting within thirty days after completion.

About Photron Technologies Ltd.
Photron Technologies is a leading-edge wireless technology company specializing in the design, development and integration of next generation wireless transmission methods & techniques, as well as other wireless systems & devices; and is the developer and manufacturer of a proprietary ultra narrowband technology called Ultra Spectral Modulation (USM). Photron's Web address is