Case Study

Pesado Goes Mobile, Saves Big.

Source: ProntoForms
EHR Savings


  • Tighten processes for increased efficiency
  • Improve return on investment


  • Over $250,000 saved in 2015 just on the administrative side
  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • More informed business decisions due to integration with analytics engine

The Challenge

Pesado Energy Services is a Mississippi-based pipeline construction company specializing in both new construction and maintenance projects in the energy industry.

"We were kind of shooting from the hip when it came to setting up a new job," says Jeff Peel, Chief Operating Officer. There was no formal documentation that outlined the scope of the job or the workers and equipment needed.

For Pesado, tracking on-the-job expenses is critical, as they essentially eat into the profit margin. But to track these expenses, the company was relying on time-consuming manual processes, which offered little return on investment. "We can't make a lot of money when someone's sitting in a room just looking at paper."