News | October 27, 2022

OverIT Provides Remote Assistance Powered By Augmented Reality To Naturgy's Field Technicians

Source: OverIT

OverIT, worldwide reference company in the sector of Field Service Management software, has reached an agreement with Naturgy, leading multinational company in the gas and power sectors, through its electrical generation international subsidiary Global Power Generation (GPG) to provide remote assistance to maintenance staff working in the field on wind farms in Chile and gas combined-cycle power plants in Mexico, planning to extend the reach to other countries soon.

By using OverIT's Next-Gen FSM Platform, GPG is planning to increase workforce' safety, leveraging hands-free technologies (even in hazardous environments) and receiving real-time support powered by Augmented Reality, boost efficiency, relying on digital work instructions and accessing corporate knowledge base, and reduce travel times and costs dramatically, with the support of remote assistance.

This agreement forms part of Naturgy's commitment to innovation for turning risks into opportunities and contributing to the creation of a smart company, aiming at maintaining its leadership position in a context characterized by constant transformation. The company has also adopted best practices, new business models, and modern technologies to be more efficient, competitive, and at the forefront of innovation, by placing the client at the center of its attention.

"The trust that a worldwide leading company like Naturgy GPG has placed in OverIT represents a strategic partnership, strengthening, even more, our leadership position in the Energy & Utility industries", said Javier Fraile, Sales Director at OverIT.

Naturgy is a multinational energy group operating in 20 countries with over 16 million customers and an installed capacity of 15.9 GW.

OverIT, backed by Bain Capital and NB Renaissance, is a multinational company with more than 20 years of international and cross-industry experience in Field Service Management software. The company is recognized by premier global advisory and consulting organizations as a leading FSM and AR industries vendor, according to its product offering and deep industry expertise. OverIT has over 300 customers in 30+ countries.

Source: OverIT