News | September 27, 2022

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Three

Source: OverIT

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Three unleashes its full potential, not only delivering a long list of features, expanding the product offering and the quality of the platform, but also implementing enterprise enablement by making the software even more configurable, offering a tailor-made FSM solution build to satisfy customers’ needs, maximize business efficiency, and improve customer experience.

OverIT expands the value proposition, introducing innovative features and presenting new Machine Learning, IoT, and GIS capabilities. Paying greater attention to the future, OverIT allows its customers to manage a precision field service for ensuring 100% of uptime.

  • Computer Vision meter-reading assistant: allowing companies to automatically measure, recognize, and read meters for water, gas, heating, and other utilities Watch the video.
  • IoT-driven job guide: identifying anomalies or urgent issues on assets in advance, automatically creating the related work order Watch the video.
  • Augmented collaboration powered by GIS: providing the ultimate of support for infrastructure maintenance activities, powered by Geographic Information System Watch the video.
  • Real-time translation: sharing the point of view with colleagues, regardless of the country technicians may be based in
  • Mobile forms enhancement: Revolutionizing the process of collecting data and information, streamlining the execution of activities, saving time, and improving productivity

The Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Three implements enterprise enablement by increasing the ability to configure the software, empowering more and more the following features to support partners and customers who want to be able to adapt their solution quickly.

  • Single sign-on protocols enhancement: optimizing the configuration engine, improving the user experience, making the processes more smoothly, and increasing the effectiveness of times and costs.
  • Custom branding enhancement: customizing the look & feel of the User Interface and its localization, both mobile and back-end side, offering more and more a tailor-made FSM solution build to satisfy customers’ needs.

Source: OverIT