News | February 1, 2023

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2023 Wave One

Source: OverIT

When our customers ask, we deliver!

OverIT announced the first release of the year. The Next-Gen FSM Platform 2023 Wave One accommodates customers’ needs helping them expand FSM and LAM features in scheduling & dispatching and mobile empowerment areas, and becomes even more strongly oriented to integrability, extensibility, and configurability. 

OverIT offers proven benefits in terms of support of both dispatchers in managing the overall schedule, considering criticalities happening during the day, and technicians in the field who can now leverage GIS capabilities across the business, even offline, and rely on an intelligent AI-driven virtual assistant giving necessary personal support and guidance on diagnosis and task completion. 

  • Critical jobs scheduling assistant (aka In jeopardy tasks) - Quickly optimize the schedule by identifying any issues about not completed or not yet planned tasks (Watch the video)
  • Mobile GIS offline extension - Expand the offline capabilities of GIS to provide the best possible support to field activities (Watch the video)
  • AI-driven virtual assistant - Provide frontline workers with an intelligent AI-driven virtual assistant, giving necessary personal support and guidance (Watch the video)

Moreover, the Next-Gen FSM Platform 2023 Wave One increases its configurability due to the LDAP authentication protocol, so it now supports a wide set of Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication flows, which just need to be configured. It has also become even more strongly oriented to integrability and extensibility for all partners due to its “API-first” approach, expanding its REST APIs catalog, and new technologies (event streaming). In this way, the platform continues to unleash its potential with the constant aim to help customers extend FSM features and integrations.

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