Guest Column | March 20, 2017

Organizations Are Taking Mobile Productivity And MDM To New Levels By Adding Analytics

Ron Caines, B2M Solutions

By Ron Caines, B2M Solutions

All the important trends in enterprise mobile computing can be summed up in one-word theme: more. More workers are using mobile devices, are running more applications and are producing more data. Businesses are depending on mobile devices more than ever, so they should be doing more to protect device uptime and improve performance. That all puts more demands on mobile device management (MDM) systems; 78 percent of organizations said their MDM systems are underutilized, and 53 percent want to find new ways to leverage their MDMs according to a 2017 Forrester Consulting report.

Mobile device management is no longer enough to ensure the device reliability and performance that mobile business operations require. That is why one of the lesser-known trends in mobile computing is gaining traction: the addition of mobile device analytics. Mobile device analytics complement MDM solutions by adding real-time performance monitoring with root cause analysis that predicts performance problems and provides alerts with recommendations to prevent them. Device analytics turn MDM from something that is reactive to something that is proactive.