White Paper

Optimizing Maintenance, Efficiency, And Quality With Mobile HMI

Source: Zebra Technologies
Shop Floor

The HMI Solution: From flashing lights to action insight. 

Human-machine interface (HMI) systems have been helping managers and line supervisors optimize plant floor operations for years. In fact, many consider the first HMI system in manufacturing to be the “e-stop” button, which workers used to stop production – and often set off a flashing light – when a machine went down. Fortunately, HMI systems have come a long way since the days of emergency stop buttons and flashing lights…

HMI systems allow plant floor managers to access a wide range of data, from production statistics and scrap rates to equipment availability and visualization. But with traditional HMI systems, access to this data has been limited to those sitting in the control room. And that meant that oftentimes these systems could only be used to fix problems after they happened – instead of preventing problems before they even occurred.

With mobile HMI, manufacturers now extend operational visibility from the top floor to the shop floor and beyond. A good mobile HMI system makes the captured data from the plant floor available in real time to anyone – from line supervisors and operations managers to the maintenance crew.