From The Editor | December 30, 2009

One Goal, Many Changes

To better serve you and our industry supporters, Integrated Solutions has made some significant changes for 2010.

Integrated Solutions, January 2010

Let me start by stating the obvious: 2009 was a tough year on most companies. Revenue contracted, and costs were cut. Hard decisions had to be made. But, smart companies made those decisions with both feet firmly planted in the realities of today and both eyes squarely focused on the future. No economic downturn lasts forever. The choices companies made during the past 12 months will likely determine how successful those businesses will be when the economy picks up steam.

Our company made many tough decisions in the past year, too. Some affected internal operations; many will affect you directly. And while you’ll notice some significant changes, our goal has remained the same: Be the premier industry resource for high-quality content in formats that are desirable and accessible. The decisions we’ve made support this goal and will provide you with a higher level of service.

In 2010, you’ll receive 12 issues of Integrated Solutions magazine — arriving each month in your mailbox. That’s an additional three issues over our 2009 schedule, which will allow us to bring you even more original content on industry technologies and deployments that fuel revenue growth and rein in costs. You may have also noticed our new cover tagline, “Optimize Field Workers, Service & Assets.” Whether it’s through mobile hardware and software, RFID (radio frequency identification), M2M (machine-to-machine), or location technologies, you’ll read how companies best locate, identify, and maximize people and asset performance.

You’ll find another significant change when you access Integrated Solutions online. We’ve now partnered with Field Technologies Online (, and it will be the new home of Integrated Solutions magazine. Visit the site, and you’ll immediately see the advantages. In addition to Integrated Solutions magazine content, you’ll have access to an enormous reservoir of relevant industry content — ranging from product datasheets to analyst reports to case studies and white papers. There’s no better online information resource. Through Field Technologies Online, you’ll also have access to a network of vertical- and technologyspecific portals. Obviously, we’re excited about this relationship and how it delivers significantly more value for our audience.

Our relationship with Field Technologies Online also allows us to deliver you more frequent email newsletters with more diverse industry content. Each week, you can access the latest industry news, Integrated Solutions magazine articles, featured case studies and white papers, and product information right from your inbox. You’ll also receive our monthly digital edition of Integrated Solutions magazine, which you can enjoy online.

Obviously, 2009 was a tumultuous year. But, 2010 may prove to be just as interesting and exciting (but in a more positive way). As your company returns to a state of normalcy, I’m sure the decisions you’ve made in the last 12 months will impact your business for years to come. That’s certainly our case. Our goal to be your top industry resource has remained the same. And, I think you’ll see our commitment to this goal — today and in the future — through the decisions we’ve made.

Here’s to good choices and good business in 2010.