E-Book | May 23, 2017

Nine Ways To Make Your Field Service Organization A Profit Center

Source: Microsoft

The goal of this eBook is to help you move your field service operations from a ‘cost center’ to a ‘profit center,’ and we’ll outline nine ways to do that.

A ‘cost center’ is a division of a company mostly tied to, well, costs. Examples tend to include departments like Human Resources or IT. These departments are necessary to have, cost money, and don’t directly have control over the revenue they generate. In many contexts, ‘field service’ divisions have operated like this for years.

A ‘profit center’ deals with revenue and has some control over the revenues and profits it can generate.

This eBook is about moving from a field service organization that costs money to a field service organization -- hopefully part of a bigger customer service ecosystem -- that produces money for you. Let’s get started with the nine ways you can begin the transition to profit center.