News | May 18, 2017

New ROI Calculator Establishes The Value Of Optimising Mobile Devices

B2M Solutions, the enterprise mobile device analytics company that delivers actionable insights, recently released a return on investment (ROI) calculator that enterprises can use to quickly determine the savings that can be made by optimizing their mobile device populations.

Mobile device analytics helps to identify issues affecting device performance that can have a costly impact on the bottom line as they can cause decreased productivity, failure to meet service level agreements, poor customer experience and damaged brand reputation. The issues preventing a device from working optimally can include everything from poor network coverage and connectivity issues to increased battery discharge rates and applications that are causing devices to crash.

IT and operations and executives involved in the management of mobile devices can now use the free online calculator to learn how much downtime and associated costs could be prevented with mobile device analytics, depending on the type of devices the enterprise uses and other variables specific to its work processes.

The calculator determines ROI based on failure rates, lost time due to device failure and lost productivity that are based on benchmarks B2M has developed after aggregating and analyzing actual performance data from its experience in helping customers manage hundreds of thousands of mobile devices over time.

B2M is a pioneer in enterprise mobile device analytics and its solutions have supported mobile deployments around the world for enterprise and OEM customers including Barcode Warehouse, BT, easyJet, Ferguson, Hermes, Johnson Controls, Lynx Express, Motorola, Panasonic, RBS, Royal Mail, TRG, Volkswagen and Zebra Technologies.

“The workers who use mobile devices are often the face of the company to its customers. Their devices need to perform efficiently so the business can run reliably and deliver an excellent customer experience,” said B2M Founder and CEO Julie Purves. “It is no longer enough to simply manage mobile devices, they need to be monitored and optimized. Mobile device analytics are essential for improving the performance of mobile devices and the business processes that depend on them, so we are very excited to introduce this tool to help users understand the value of mobile device analytics.”

Mobile device management (MDM) systems typically focus on device configuration and status, while mobile device analytics provides insight into device performance and how it can be improved.

B2M’s Elemez mobile device analytics solutions can be used on their own or fully integrated with MDM systems. Elemez is B2M's cloud-based enterprise mobile analytics solution for businesses looking to optimise mobile devices. A standard user interface means it's quick and easy to set up and provides real-time actionable insights on the most common metrics via an interactive dashboard. Elemez brings this data to life, visualising it via graphs and charts so it is easy to see trends affecting device performance and to spot potential problems before they have a serious effect on a business.

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About B2M Solutions
B2M Solutions is a privately held company based in Abingdon, UK, with marketing and sales operations in Atlanta, Ga., U.S. Founded in 2002, the company provides software that delivers valuable insights and actionable analytics for enterprise mobility customers with mission-critical applications. The software is developed with specific functionality to help organisations identify and resolve mobility problems to gain competitive advantages. The company’s software includes mprodigy - a mobile enterprise management platform that delivers mobile business process-centric analytics, and Elemez a MDM agnostic cloud hosted analytics solution that enables enterprise customers to optimize their mobile deployments by applying real time, focused analytics and delivering actionable analytics.

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SOURCE: B2M Solutions