News | June 29, 2010

New Research Finds 86% Of Companies Still Using Paper-Based Forms For Business Data Capture Needs

Mobile and field force data collection remains largely paper-based; Almost 40% of businesses are evaluating the iPad as a possible alternative; 75% want new "digital pens"

New research released recently by Anoto found that 86% of businesses are still using paper-based forms in either their own business or in their clients' business, compared to 13.9% who say they are no longer using them at all. This research confirms the ongoing use of paper-based forms in business and highlights a clear need for solutions that can digitally capture handwritten data.

Traditional paper based forms are tedious and usually require employees to manually input (into a computer) all the data that has been filled out throughout the day. Respondents to the survey had a significant interest in new solutions to solve this problem. While they are considering products such as the iPad and other touch tablets, these technologies have yet to prove their ROI case to businesses and IT departments based on ease-of-use. This is especially true for companies with field service workers where training, troubleshooting, and workflow interruption can result in added expenses.

The survey asked questions about how data is collected and processed, technologies if any being considered for data capture and the extent to which paper-based forms are still being used particularly for field service applications. Findings included:

  • 45% said the use of paper-based forms over the last five years has either increased or stayed the same, confirming the continued reliance on paper
  • 75% said they would be interested in a solution that could digitally capture handwriting, convert it into data, and then instantly transmit that data to a back-end database
  • 38% said they are planning to incorporate new solutions, particularly the iPad, into their business processes for data capture

"We found the results both encouraging and a bit astonishing, said Pietro Parravicini, President and CEO of Anoto, Inc. "This survey reaffirms the crucial need to fill the ‘white space' in business computing that exists between laptops on the high end, and paper and pen on the low end. The results about the iPad for business use were a bit surprising, especially since it is expensive, requires training and is a target for theft. In addition, the lack of a physical keyboard limits its power as a data entry device. Anoto's digital pen and paper technology provide the ideal solution since its simplicity encourages rapid adoption while at the same time, converts digital notes into computer-readable data."

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SOURCE: Anoto Group