News | April 25, 2023

New Field Service Innovations Drive Efficiency With AI, Data, And CRM For Industries

Source: Salesforce
Salesforce - Einstein GPT

Salesforce today announced new Salesforce Field Service innovations, powered by Data Cloud and Einstein GPT, that will lower service costs and generate insights across industries including healthcare, public sector, and manufacturing.

Significance: Field service teams interact face-to-face with customers in their home or business — where every experience is an opportunity to build deeper customer relationships that drive revenue. In fact, data shows 86% of decision makers believe field service is critical to growing the business.

The Salesforce solution: New Salesforce Field Service innovations leverage the full power of Salesforce and Service Cloud, including AI, real-time data, and automation, to help organizations across industries streamline field operations while improving customer experiences. These innovations build on recently announced Field Service products including Home Health and Field Service for Public Sector.

What’s new:

  • Field Service Mobile powered by Einstein GPT will help frontline service teams onboard new employees quickly, be more efficient in the field, and enable customers to solve common issues with self-service tools.
    • Frontline teams need to plan, execute, and document their work — all of which can be time-consuming. In industries where customers must sign off on after-visit summaries, Einstein GPT saves frontline workers time by automatically composing reports.
    • Einstein GPT is also augmenting self-service tools by suggesting knowledge articles and generating step-by-step guides to address technical issues customers experience. This is valuable across industries where experienced technicians must pass down expertise through on-the-job training. With Einstein GPT, new employees can easily surface learnings from earlier trainings, helping to preserve and pass on important skill sets.
    • Field Service Mobile also now lets teams swarm customer issues and work orders in Slack, and use pre-built solutions from Salesforce’s Component Library within Field Service Mobile to tailor mobile experiences for tasks like finding nearby spare parts and managing timesheets.
  • Asset Service Management powered by Data Cloud will help keep complex equipment up and running by leveraging real-time data and Predictive Usage-Based Maintenance, which, for example, helps utility service providers proactively schedule network upkeep. This minimizes preventable maintenance issues and extends the lifespan of expensive infrastructure.
  • Contractor Management with Flex Worker Management allows companies to easily scale their contractor workforce, and efficiently deploy them based on skills, distance, and available tools. For example, municipalities can use Flex Worker Management to hire contractors for seasonal work and send contractors to specific maintenance calls based on experience and skill set.

Soundbites: “Frontline service teams across every industry are facing increased labor shortages along with rising customer expectations,” said Taksina Eammano, EVP and GM of Field Service, Salesforce. “Today’s Salesforce Field Service innovations will empower organizations to be more productive in the field with real-time data and generative AI capabilities, and implement a Shift to Scale strategy that helps solidify customer relationships and meet their rising expectations.”

Customer highlights:

  • “Salesforce Field Service scales our ability to reach more customers as we continue to grow our footprint. Using Salesforce, we’ve been able to automate 90% of our repair visits with Salesforce Flows, which has led to an increase in our first time fix rates.” – Tim Spencer, SVP & GM Service Operations, BUNN
  • “After Hurricane Ian created a staggering amount of post-storm debris, CDR Maguire, together with the state of Florida and FEMA, used Field Service and a Salesforce Self-Service Portal to quickly begin cleanup efforts. Salesforce’s optimized scheduling capabilities, along with data analyzed from the Salesforce Portal, enabled us to expedite debris removal. Through the automation and plug-and-play nature of Salesforce’s tools, CDR Maguire has been able to continuously improve processes to accelerate citizen services when they need it most.” – Laura Fariñas, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer, CDR Maguire

Fast fact: Salesforce Industries helps companies modernize their business, save time, lower costs, and put customers at the center of every interaction.


  • Field Service Mobile powered by Einstein GPT is expected to be available in beta by December 2023.
  • Asset Service Management powered by Data Cloud is expected to be available in beta by December 2023.
  • Contractor Management with Flex Worker Management is generally available.

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Any unreleased services or features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

Source: Salesforce